Recycle your old batteries

Why you should recycle your Batteries?

Scrap batteries contain significant levels of mercury, a highly toxic chemical which poses serious health risks. Battery recycling is the only safe way to dispose of your batteries. In the UK, we only recycle 3% of batteries, producing tonnes of dangerous, toxic waste.

Look out for the Be Positive signs, or similar signs, in shop windows and in stores to find these collection points.  ( MAC services have the facilities to recycle your old batteries, please call in for more information 02074869075).

Many of the items you regularly use at home will be run on batteries. Batteries from all of the following items, and many others, can be recycled: mobile phones, laptops, hearing aids, watches, portable cameras, cordless power tools, torches, electric toothbrushes, razors, hand-held vacuum cleaners

What happens to the used batteries?

Recycled batteries are first sorted into different types – for example lithium, alkaline, lead cell, mercury button – as each type is recycled differently.

Lead acid batteries (used for car batteries) and mercury button cell batteries (flat, round, silver batteries found in watches) are fully recycled in the UK.

Lithium and alkaline batteries (AA, AAA and 9v batteries) are part-recycled in the UK. They are then sent to plants abroad for the rest of the process.

Other types of battery are sent abroad, as the UK does not currently have plants that can recycle these.


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