Energy Saving light bulbs: bright idea for your pocket and the environment

You may have seen in the news that inefficient light bulbs are being phased out…well for our best, the low energy light bulbs are taking over!

Some people think that the quality of the light is different but It is actually the same amount of visible light and It uses som much less power.

Well, we are happy to save  the environment and reduce our lighting bills!

Martin  is stocking also  Mini Lynx.. and you can save the penguin! – range of Compact Fluorescent lamps. These lamps last 6 years! They are 80% energy savings. They reach full brightness within 60 seconds, whilst the absence of any flickering is gentle on the eyes.

The introduction will be supported by the ‘Save Energy – Save the Penguin’ campaign with focus on the environmental advantages of the new lamps range.

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The rapid reduction of the polar ice packs and rising sea levels are directly related to global warming – the most urgent issue facing the world today. Saving energy is the most efficient way of reducing man-made CO2 emissions, the sole cause of global warming.


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