LED lighting

We  are always looking into new technologies and methods to lower our carbon foot print and reduce cost on the day to day running of business.

We believe LED Lighting has come a long way in the past year with regards to price and most importantly, quality. This is one of the many reasons why we are incorporating this technology in our ever larger work portfolio.

There are many different styles, effects and colors to choose from which makes them ideal for decretive lighting as well general office, household or factory lighting.

Although the over all cost of LED lamps are higher than standard lightbulbs, the energy saved and the long life of these lamps well out way conventional lighting.

High quality LED lamps have estimated life spans of between 30,000 and 50,000 hours! Generally most of these lamps pay for them selves within the first year of use, with the cost towards energy saved.

We understand that people may have some questions with regards to swapping over to LED lighting, as this is still relatively new technology. So we are here to help with all the technical questions that may arise.  Call John on 07943517767

Take a look below at some of the amazing effects that can be achieved with LED lighting.


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