We have achieved ISO accreditations once again!


We have completed another year of ISO. Well done Mac Services! It was worth the hard work. We were all very nervous due to a staff member being on maternity leave and the new member of staff covering had to pick up the work very quickly. We all worked together to get our services up to ISO standards, the extra work is well worth the acknowledgment and recognition it gives us. All our files, documents, policies, procedures, and manuals were thoroughly inspected. The Managing  Director was interviewed and reviewed on the service provided, on both Quality and Environmental – well done Daniel! Not forgetting Markus our Contract Manager who was also questioned and did a fantastic job. Additionally all the office staff including Breeda worked very hard to get everything ready for the review. MAC Services passing the ISO clearly shows that we were able to maintain the standards required throughout the year but most importantly we had expanded our quality of work! We will be implemented further improvements requested and suggested by ISO, and will keep up the good work. We are meeting our objectives, hitting our targets and reaching our goals; these are constantly reviewed on a regular basis. Mac Services aims to continue its growth and develop further every year. WELL DONE!!!!


One thought on “We have achieved ISO accreditations once again!

  1. Well done Alessandra for the newsletter, really like the work on the Blog site – Liz Blaikie, Assessor at City of Westminster College.

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