Few words about LED



Great colours, low running costs and low maintenance because of their average 50,000 hour life spans.

I have been working in projects with restaurants, bars, shops and offices and they  all have  become very interested in this new technology, as it allows them to manipulate the ambiance and create all different types of effects and moods e.g:

  • Restaurants and bars have been very interested in RGB LED strip lighting, as it allows them to change the look and ambience of their premises day by day depending on what events they may have on any particular evening.
  • Offices find that white coloured LED spot lights help improve performance as they help keep staff more alert and therefore improving productivity.
  • Shops may use a wider variety of LED lighting depending on what they intend on displaying.

As you can see we have come a long way in lighting compared with a few years ago. We have much more choice and options readily available.

The possibilities are truly endless.


MAC Services Ltd



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