Case Study: Queen Mary University

We installed motion sensors to reduce running costs of the Lighting for Queen Mary University.

Motion sensors are design to turn on the light when motion is detected. Then, after motion stops after a short period of time, the light turns off and less energy is wasted.Since they do not run continually, the light bulb will burn out less frequently in a motion sensor light than a traditional fixture.You also won’t have to worry about the light being left on by accident when your business is closed for the evening or holidays.This can save dramatically on electricity bill , costs on light bulbs and save the environment.

Finished on time and within budget. Well done MAC Services.

Khuram Pervez Amer from Queen Mary University said:

” Before the installation our annual lighting cost for 7 corridors was £2039,62,  after the installation the expectation of the annual cost dropped to £1031,10 giving us lots of saving”.


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