How an exhibition can change completely due to different lighting effects.

Exhibitions can be changed dramatically in quite a few ways when LED lighting is introduced.

Firstly, when illuminating any piece the Kelvin of the lamp (Kelvin colour temperature) is very important. If the correct Kelvin is not used then it does not allow the true colours to come through on the individual pieces.

E.g. we recently completed a job for an antique map shop. We used a 4500K lamp (cool white) which allowed the original pale colours on the maps to really shin through. They had currently been using a 2700K lamp (very warm white); this lamp was a yellowish colour and distorted the original colours on the maps.  They were very impressed with the final outcome.

Also mood lighting can be created in the back ground of larger projects. This really allows people to experience different intensities throughout certain locations within a space. This can then be controlled using software on a computer.

By John Currie

Sales Manager and LED Lighting Specialist



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