Case Study: Pacific Oriental

We supplied LED lighting for Pacific Oriental popular oriental restaurant in the heart of the City area. LED lights for the main bar area, toilet area, upstairs dining area and all stairways.

Joe Phyoe, General Manager of Pacific Oriental said:

It was a fantastic decision I’ve made to change to LED light. We have saved lots of money due to LED light (not only saving energy as well as less headache for keep changing light bulbs). Special thanks to John as well, he was very helpful and gave me good advices. I do recommend changing to LED light, you can save money as well as saving the world for using less energy. 







Our suggestion:

Switching over to LED Lighting can give you a return on your initial investment within 12 months and based on their 50,000 hour life span, your future yearly saving could be much more for over a period as long as 10 to 15 years.

There will also be a considerable saving towards cooling systems. Standard incandescent and halogen lighting waste enormous amounts of energy by generating heat, as much as 80%. This contributes towards over use of air conditioning system during warmer periods of the year, resulting in higher energy bills.



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