Behind our name…Why is the company called MAC Services?


Many people have asked us why we are called MAC Services and there are few reasons why this name has been picked ..

Mac is a prefix to surnames of Gaelic/Scottish origin meaning “son of”. For example, Macdhomhnuill translates to Macdonald, meaning son of Donald. The Mc is actually the abbreviated form of Mac. See our MD’s name: Daniel McBrearty.

Scotland has ‘brand recognition’ for a number of products in the food and drink sector, above all Scotch whisky but most important for us, Scotland historically has had a powerful reputation in engineering and there are still successful firms keeping that tradition alive.

Traditionally Scotland’s culture has undoubted strengths from the point of view of business and Scotland has been identified with a ‘canny’ approach to business.”

“The name MAC Services wants to give our brand a Scottish identity (still managed since 1972 by the original founder Scottish Daniel McBrearty).




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