5 ways to create interesting lighting effects with LEDs.



5 ways in which we are using new technology to create interesting lighting effects for interior and exteriors:

1. By introducing RGB LED Lighting to the exterior of premises can really enhance the effect on how you are noticed by passing public.

2. People notice change. Introducing RGB LED systems allows you to create a different look and effect, enhancing notice ability on a day to day basis.

3. Current outdoor light fitting requires tireless maintenance. As many of these fittings can be placed very high up. Therefore lamp changes can be quite tricky and in some cases dangerous without the right equipment, leading to costly electrical engineer calls out. LED lamps have estimated life spans of up to 50.000 hours and more, eliminating any previous maintenance costs.

4. With interior lighting the possibilities are limitless. LED lighting really allows people to push the boundaries and create atmospheres and visuals that just wouldn’t be possible with current conventional lighting.

5. For people that may have a more traditional lighting layout, there are hundreds of products that in most cases would fit directly into their existing fittings. As LED lamps consume extremely small amounts of energy and have estimated life spans of 50.000 and more. Consumers would be cutting energy consumption in some cases by up to as much as 90%. while still achieving a traditional look throughout their premises.


More info on LEDs here





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